The 10 Top Sightseeing Spots in Austria

Hofburg (Vienna)

The Habsburgs were an imperial powerhouse in Austria and Hofburg is a testament to their lasting influence. Here you can see the private apartments of the Emperor, and experience the unparalleled luxury of imperial life. One of the most beloved sites within the palace is the Sisi museum, concerning the life and mythos of the late Empress.

10 Amazing Places to Take Your Kids Before Their Teens

Vacations with your kids before their teens are a very different experience than when they’re older. Older kids tend to want to have more alone time and go on more adventurous trips. Younger kids on the other and have a wide-eyed curiosity about everything. They enjoy seeing new things, going to new places and enjoying life in different parts of the country. Here are 10 amazing places you can take your kids before their teens.

5 Must See Historical Places in Germany

Germany is a land rich in history. Though it’s most famous in recent history for the events of World War II, Germany’s history stretches back long before then. Historical relics can be found dating from hundreds and thousands of years ago. Visitors to Germany can witness many incredible historical sights that bear witness to the many events of the past. Here are some of the absolutely must-see historical sights in Germany.

Best Sightseeing Tours in a Limousine

Sightseeing isn’t what it used to be in a lot of respects. The Internet has shrunk the world considerably; allowing us – as web travelers – to “see” the sites, so to speak, through the screens of our computers. Armed with information at our fingertips, we have been given access to new experiences without having to leave our living rooms.

Unveil the Mystery of Laos

Laos is known as the most relaxed, happy and easy going of all the Southeast Asian countries. Unlike Cambodia and Vietnam which were devastated by the war, whose effects can still be seen on the expressions of the locals, Laos has no such reservations. Upon stepping foot into the country, you’ll be greeted with laughing children, friendly merchants, and an incredibly laid-back attitude.