Top 5 Ways to Land the Best Hotel Deal

Traveling can be very expensive but when you are away from home, you need a good, safe place to stay. To help you find a good hotel room at an affordable price we have put together this list of the top 5 ways to land the best hotel deal.

Top 5 Ways to Land the Best Hotel Deal

1. Use Price Comparison Websites

These websites are easy to use and they allow you to quickly compare prices for a number of different hotels. All you have to do is provide a little bit of information about your trip and then you will quickly get back information that you can use to choose a hotel.

You will have to enter the city that you are traveling to along with your check-in and checkout dates. After that, you just push a button and the website will gather information from hotels in the area. You will be able to quickly see which hotels have the best rates and many of these price comparison websites also provided a star rating and user reviews to give you some information about the quality of the hotel.


2. Call the Hotel Directly

You may be able to get a better deal on a hotel room if you don’t rely on the Internet alone to find the best rate. Call the hotel and ask some questions. Do they have any coupons available, do they give discounts for AAA members, do they have senior discounts, do they offer special rates for business travelers?

If you have not planned your trip well in advance, calling a hotel directly might allow you to get a better rate on your room by taking advantage of any last-minute deals that they might have available. One thing that a hotel does not want is an empty room so it might be possible to get a better deal just by calling the hotel and asking for a better deal. Which leads me to our next tip, negotiating.


3. Negotiate for a Better Deal

An easy way to get a better room rate is to simply ask for one. The worst that can possibly happen is that the manager would say no, but you would be surprised how many things are negotiable if you simply ask for a better deal.

If you have not made reservations and you are a walk-in guest you might be able to negotiate with the staff at the front desk to get a better rate. Many times the front desk staff will have the authority to give you at least a small discount and renting a room at a discount is better than not renting the room at all.


4. Hotel Credit Cards

Some hotels have branded credit cards that you can apply for and by signing up for, and using these types of credit cards you can earn points. The points are a lot like frequent flyer miles, only instead of earning miles, you are earning a free nights, upgrades, or any other benefits that the hotel might offer.


5. Sign up for Rewards Programs

Many hotels these days have rewards programs that you can sign up for. Whenever you stay at a certain hotel chain you get closer to earning a free room at that chain. When you are a member of a rewards program you will often receive coupons in the mail or e-mail notifications that will give you additional discounts and other perks.

Here is a bonus tip for you. Consider staying at a hotel that is outside the city limits of the city you are visiting. A hotel that is in the downtown area of a major city is usually going to be a lot more expensive to stay in than a hotel that is outside of the city limits. I actually prefer to stay in hotels that are outside of the city limits not only because I can get a better rate but also because parking is easier and there is less traffic to contend with when I am not in a congested, downtown area. If you are going to be renting a car on your trip and you’re going to be visiting different sites in and around the city, it may not be necessary to stay in the heart of a busy downtown area.

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